Nostalgia Books

By Deryk Wylde


To create books compiled from the Rich Mixture books and Off-Road Review magazines that I published decades ago plus photographs from the Off-Road Archive that have never been published before, printed at the best modern quality and to make them available direct from the publisher at affordable prices


"When I had proved I was better at taking photos than riding, for the past fifty-seven years my hobby has been photographing off-road motorcycle sports. In my early years I was a freelance photographer working with various well known commercial publications, culminating with my regular column 'Wylde's Classic Bikes' in TMXNews with Bill Lawless as Editor. After Bill retired I was joined by a group of my fellow freelancers and published my own subscription magazine, Off-Road Review, and a series of books in the 'Rich Mixture' series. With two friends we created the first pre-65 trial in August 1972, and whilst I was the Trials Editor of British Bike Magazine I created and coordinated the annual series of trials which became known as the Sammy Miller series. In conjunction with Ian Rennie we also recreated the Arbuthnot Trial.